Ocean Safaris offers an assortment of ocean safaris that includes whale and dolphin watching and marine tours. These tours make for excellent team-building experiences, or are suited for small family groups. The company started in 1997, where small groups of sunbathers were invited to join on a rubber duck to try and spot some dolphins, whales and other ocean creatures. Later in 1999 the company expanded into an officially licensed whale watching company within the Plettenberg Bay region in the Western Cape.

We take care to ensure all our passengers safety as well as the safety of the creatures we may come across by strictly complying to stringent rules and regulations as set down by the South African Maritime Safety Association and the SABBWWA. 

Owner Marlon Baartman has worked extensively for many years with Ocean Safaris and he was given the opportunity to acquire the establishment in 2015. As a family run business, Ocean Safaris ensures that we continue the original vision of providing great ocean safari experiences for all our passengers. We are members of the South African Boat-Based Whale Watching Association (SABBWWA); hence we comply with all the regulations set to aid sustainable growth of new Eco-activity within South Africa. Marlon has several years of experience as a skipper along with guide Ashwynn Baartman, which makes Ocean Safaris one of South Africa’s leading ocean tour and whale watching companies in the Western Cape. We ensure not only the safety and well-being of the ocean creatures that we encounter but also of our passengers. All of our skippers are officially trained and accredited by the South African Maritime Safety Association. Our main offices are located within the Garden Route, but we service clients from all over the world.

We cater for private groups of up to 30 passengers at a time and less as well as group tours and our ocean safaris. Ocean Safaris is 100% BBBEE Company, dedicated to ensuring previously underprivileged South Africans are given opportunities within our industry.

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Plettenberg Bay is one of the few coastlines in South Africa that has the possibility of sighting Whales throughout the year thanks to our resident Brydes Whales.  Official whale watching season runs from July to November in Plettenberg Bay and this is the best time of the year to go whale watching and view Southern Right and Humpback Whales in South Africa, particularly Plettenberg Bay.

The best time to view dolphins in Plettenberg Bay is the summer months although we do sight dolphins during the winter months too.  We have 3 types of dolphins that visit our coast:  Bottlenose dolphins, Humpback Dolphins and Common Dolphins.

Besides whales and dolphins, Plettenberg Bay – Garden Route has an ever growing Cape Fur Seal poplation on Robberg Peninsula where these little creatures entertain our guests with their cute antics.

Our bay is full of surprises and we never know from trip to trip what marine animal may pop in for a visit.  We have had sightings of turtles, penguins, sunfish, Orca’s, Cape Clawless Otters not to mention the array of pelagic birds (seabirds).

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