An Important Middle and later Stone Age archeological site

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Receding sea levels of some 80 000 years ago exposed the cave now prized as an important archaeological site on Robberg peninsula. Early Man made use of the cave for thousands of years at a time; and archaeological investigation combined with solar-powered illumination reveal a remarkable story of successive (at times interrupted) periods of early habitation.

Nelson Bay Cave


Robberg Peninsula

The Robberg Peninsula is a national monument nature reserve and marine protected area that lies about 8 km south of Plettenberg Bay.

Robberg’s rocks date back to the early Cretaceous period (130-110 million years ago/) and the earliest break-up of Gondwanaland – a prehistoric super-continent that split up into latter-day South America, Africa, Antarctica, India and Australia about 120 million years ago. The rocks at Robberg were deposited in the bed of this new African sea.